Our Services

We provide various project management services to clients in Australia and overseas due to our wealth of experience and expertise internationally.

why clients choose us

We are a one stop shop

We provide all engineering, design and project management services to our clients

Customised project management services

We provide individually customized project management services to clients involved in property development, renewable energy, mining, Local, State or Federal Government.

Project management services internationally

Although we are based in Brisbane, Australia we are ready to provide project management services internationally. If you have any projects in the start-up phase or planning phase outside of Australia we are willing to help you.

Reliable and Flexible

Total Project Management services:

Planning, Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management.

Design Services

From site selection, environmental assessment to concept design and develop detail design. Supply project director, project manager and manage the pre- construction phases such as design, documentation, cost estimates, tender evaluation and contract award process.

Construction Management and Supervision

project director, project manager or whole project management team and manage the project on behalf of the client.

Risk Assessment and Valuation

Identify and evaluate risks of the project during various phases of the project.

Market construction products

Our company also assists specialized construction products manufacturers to market their products

Water Supply, Sewerage, Health and Sanitation Services

Planning , modelling and design of water and sewer system
Network Capacity Assessment of Water and Sewerage System
Design of water and Sewer Connection for Development Applications
Design of Water and Sewerage Pump Station and associated structures

Infrastructure advisory services

Our company provides infrastructure advisory services to multi-national companies and NGO/INGOs.

Cost Estimation and project valuation services

Provide cost estimation of projects for tendering purposes, funds raising, financing, investment or due diligence purposes.

Project management on the go!